Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3,326 Miles Later....

We are finally home after more than 3,000 miles of driving. The boys did great....mostly thanks to my mom getting them a DVD player so they could watch movies. But Islwyn also LOVED playing with all of the little McDonald's toys and beads that Aunt Mical donated to the cause. Amund liked playing with the pipe cleaners. Then on the last leg from Kansas to Fort Wayne, Jonathan's Aunt and Uncle very generously gave both boys birthday gifts that were perfect for the car. Islwyn keeps his in the car and colors on short car trips in town too. And Amund keeps his Mr. Potato Head in the car and plays with it. He wouldn't even let go of it to go into the store the other day and just played with it the whole time. Anyway, here are the boys feeding and playing with Grandad's horses in Colorado.

Note Islwyn's super nice cowboy boots he got from Grandad and Nani for his birthday. We also got him his own cowboy hat.

Thinking about this ...very serious!
Amund, Dada, and Grandad.

Once back in Kansas we got to spend some more time with Jonathan's grandparents. The boys helped Pa pick up the sticks out of his yard.
Photos in the back yard.

The best. toy. ever.

More of the best. toy. ever.
Islwyn begging for them to play with him...

Sugar City, Colorado. We stopped here to play and have some lunch.
More pictures to come of Islwyn's birthday party and our time in Bucyrus, KS.

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