Thursday, August 26, 2010


Islwyn picked out watermelon seeds at the store, planted them, watered them, and picked them pretty much all on his own this summer. We have picked 3 so far. They were super good today. Here is Amund enjoying a big bite of brother's watermelon.


Showing it off after he picked it.

We try and help the kids do fun things on their own. I am so glad we did this with Islwyn and so proud of how he did almost all the work himself. I would find him out there, sitting next to his pumpkins, looking at them and talking to them. And of course I LOVED eating the fresh watermelon straight from the garden today.


Bonnie said...

Love all the pics! We miss you guys!

Minka said...

How sweet! Maybe we will get to taste one! Job well done, Islwyn! We miss you! Love Minka